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Older People’s Housing Strategies: Key Policy Drivers 
June 2006 (190kb PDF file)

Published by HOPDEV, Older People’s Housing Strategies examines the relationship between the housing agenda and the agenda for older age.  It explores the ways in which any gaps at national level are affecting and influencing regional strategies and local policies and implementation.  It is intended for use by everyone in housing for older people.

‘AT HOME’ Audit Tool for Housing and Related Services for Older Minority Ethnic People
June 2006 (CD Rom and 1.5mb PDF file)

Description:  The ‘AT HOME’ toolkit has been designed to help ensure that housing and related services take account of the needs of black and minority ethnic (BME) elders.  It will be particularly useful to service commissioners and providers, as well as older people from BME groups.

‘AT HOME’ Audit Tool leaflets
June 2006 (PDF files, 50kb - 1mb)

Description:  Leaflet for older people explaining the use of the ‘AT HOME’ Audit Tool.  Leaflets available in English, Bengali, Hindi, Gujerati, Urdu, Punjabi and Cantonese.

Age Equality in Housing
June 2006 (280kb PDF file)

Description:  A guide to tackling age discrimination for housing providers, commissioners, planners and builders.  Includes advice on how to recognise age discrimination, how to take action, and what information and help is available.

Older People’s Housing Strategies: Taking Account of People’s Views
June 2006 (730 kb PDF file)

Description: A brochure outlining the key housing messages from older people.

Housing Advice and Information for Older People
June 2006 (730kb PDF file)

Description:  A leaflet describing the action HOPDEV has taken to improve information and advice on older people’s housing issues.

Housing options advice for older people: a self-training kit for advisers
March 2006 (460kb PDF file)

This revised and updated Tool Kit provides a broad overview of housing options in older age. It aims to help generalist advisers, or anyone who works with older people, to develop their knowledge and understanding of housing options for older people.

This publication is part of HOPDEV’s Information & Advice work stream programme for 2005-2006 funded through the overall support provided to HOPDEV by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Department of Health.

Delivering housing for an ageing population: informing housing strategies and housing policies 
October 2005 (700kb PDF file)

This publication is part of HOPDEV’s Housing Strategies work stream programme for 2005-2006. It has been funded through the overall support provided to HOPDEV by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Department of Health.


Single copies of the reports and toolkits are also available free from:

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